Please offer me a seat badge and card trial

From Monday 12 September TFL are trialling a ‘please offer me a seat’ badge and card. The badge and card are for customers who find it difficult to stand when using public transport, and are particularly targeted at those with hidden disabilities, conditions and illnesses.

TFL want to recruit 1,000 people for the trial, to help understand if the badge or card can help people access a seat, as well as assess the reactions of other customers.

TFL have received correspondence from many customers asking for a product like this, telling them they often struggle to get a seat, or when they do customers make them feel uncomfortable. TFL carried out research which confirmed people with hidden disabilities and conditions or those undergoing treatments can find it difficult to get a seat when they need one – particularly if their need isn’t obvious.

The success of the trial will depend on other customers’ too, so TFL will use social media and customer information to encourage Londoners to offer their seat to someone with a badge and card.

If the trial is successful the badge and card will be made available more widely next year.

Any customer interested in taking part can get in touch with the research agency 2CV, who are working with TFL on the trial, at Recruitment is open for the next three weeks.