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Personal Budgets.

Self Directed Support and Personal Budgets

Self Directed Support and Personal Budgets can be explained by the following 5 steps outlined below.


The first step includes an assessment by Social Care Direct, to identify needs and whether an individual is eligible for services under Fair Access to Care Services (FACS).


Following your assessment, a plan will be drawn up by you with the help of a support planner. The plan describes the support you need for your eligible social care needs and outcomes to be met.


Hillingdon Borough Council will review your Support Plan and agree the costs. They have a duty of care and a
responsibility to ensure that a Support Plan will meet your needs and that it does not place you in
a dangerous situation.


How is a Personal Budget issued?
There are three options available to you:
1. A ‘full’ Personal Budget is where you are allocated an amount which you can then use to purchase services to meet your care needs.
2. A ‘mixed’ Personal Budget is where a person has a support plan that includes use of Council run services such as daycentres or respite services such as Merrimans which are arranged and paid for by the Council and the remainder of their Personal Budget can be used to arrange separately to meet their care needs
3. A ‘managed’ Personal Budget where no payment is made to you. The Council arranges and pays for services to meet your eligible needs.


Once your support is in place, you can live your life as you have planned. Social Services do check that your Personal Budget is spent as agreed, and that your support is meeting your eligible needs. If you have a full Personal Budget by a Direct Payment Social Services monitor your expenditure on a regular basis.

Download Hillingdon Council Direct Payments and Prepaid card Guide

What is a Direct Payment?

A Direct Payment is a cash payment for social care support paid by the council instead of the council providing services directly to you. With this money you organise your own support. This might include taking on responsibility to employ staff and/or accessing activities or services but not using your DP to pay for such activity or service to support your assessed personal care needs. (A Direct Payment can also form part of a Personal Budget).

What is a Personal Budget?

A Personal Budget is an amount of money paid by the Council that can be given after an assessment of your social care needs. You can take a Personal Budget as a Direct Payment, or ask the Council to provide directly commissioned services.

Does the Council need any information or documents?

The Council will carry out a financial assessment to see if you have to make any contribution towards your care costs. If you are assessed to pay a contribution, that amount will be deducted from your DP amount. You will have to pay your contribution into your prepaid card account.

  • A signed Personal Budget or Direct Payments agreement
  • Confirmation that your PA/Carer is ready to commence work with a start date 
What to do whilst waiting for my first Personal Budget/Direct Payment Money?

Whilst waiting for your money to be loaded onto your Prepaid Visa Debit Card you can ask your Social Worker to arrange for temporary commissioned care up until the date the money is actually paid into your account.

Your Personal Budget/Direct Payments money is only available to pay your privately employed PA/Carer from the start date provided by the Council. Please note that the Council does not backdate for any hours worked by your privately employed PA/Carer prior to that start provided by the Council.

What paperwork do I need to keep for my Personal Budget/Direct Payment?
  • Timesheets ( that a personal assistant will sign weekly/monthly)
  • Any receipts for expenses, bank statements, cheque stubs etc.
  • Correspondence from the council
  • Payslips (a copy of which you can keep)
  • Contracts of employment for your PA
  • Employers liability insurance policy

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