CALLING RESIDENTS OF HILLINGDON, CARERS and others using local NHS services to complete survey by 20th Sept. 2018


Dear resident of Hillingdon,
Please can you help us improve local NHS services by completing this online survey by 20th Sept 2018.
CCGs are required to develop and publish their plans for the NHS services in their local areas. These plans are called Commissioning Intentions. NHS Hillingdon CCG wants to hear from local patients, public and wider stakeholders to continue to improve local NHS services. Feedback gathered from this survey will help inform these developments. Many thanks for your support.
The objectives of this survey are:

1) To obtain
 feedback about the local awareness of existing NHS initiatives available to keep local residents healthy e.g. My Health programme, screening and vaccination.
2) To 
test” potential aspects of service change e.g. Virtual outpatients appointments and some virtual clinics in Primary Care.
3) To obtain an understanding of patient priorities for health from feedback about how their recent experience of local NHS health care can be improved.
We would like as many people as possible to complete this survey so please spread the word. Thank you in advance for your help.
Hillingdon CCG Communications and Engagement team