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Disability does not mean Inability

Advice & Information.

including PIP and ESA support

DASH are on hand to provide useful advice, information and support on a broad range of disability issues and services. This includes support around benefits such as PIP and ESA and ‘low level’ support for disabled people. Please refer to the linked Factsheets below for useful information on a range of disability related issues or for further information contact the DASH office on 0208 848 8319 or and we will be happy to help.

logoWe are proud to hold the Advice Quality Standard (AQS). This means we PQASSO logoare proven to be easily accessible, effectively managed and our staff have the required skills, knowledge and expertise to meet the needs of our clients. Please click here for a copy of our AQS certificate and click here for more information.                    We also hold the PQASSO level 1 Quality Mark which means we run an effective organisation and are guaranteed to be fit for purpose in all areas essential to commissioners. Click here for more information.

Factsheet 1: Grants for Disabled People

Factsheet 2: Concessions and Discounts

Factsheet 3: Motoring and Parking

Factsheet 4: Accessible Transport

Factsheet 5: Recreation and Leisure

Factsheet 6: Information and Technology

Factsheet 7: Employment

Factsheet 8: Daily Living and Equipment

Factsheet 9: Sports and Fitness

Factsheet 10: Housing

Factsheet 11: Equality and the Law

Factsheet 12: NHS

Factsheet 13: Disability Benefits

Please see these useful videos below for more information on Personal Independence Payment (PIP);

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